Latest update for Speed & Traffic Enforcement Products from Simicon

SIMICON is the leading Russian company having 26 years of development and expansion. The company owns many cutting-edge technologies, solutions and innovation for traffic control and speed enforcement.

As their exclusive distributor and appointed service center in South East Asia, let us give a brief introduction about their existing products and analyze on their key advantage.

CORDON-M: Automatic photo-radar speed enforcement systems are now available on 2, 4 and 6 traffic lanes with stationary or mobile option. The measurement range of CORDON-M is from 2-300km/h with accuracy of ± 2km/h. Besides speed enforcement, the system provides automatic detection of the following violations: movement in wrong direction, movement in reserved bus lane or emergency lane or capturing a truck moving in car lane by using the embedded vehicle classification (4 categories).

CORDON-TEMP: Average speed enforcement on straight or curve road in both directions for 2 or 4 traffic lanes with at least two control station with no more than ±2% for average speed in 200m.

CORDON-M-KR: Red-light and over speed enforcement on crossroads, railway and pedestrian crossing. Recognition of red-light is unique and optically by image from camera without any need to connect with traffic light controller. Customer can order any road configuration with different number of lanes, direction and turn signals … The device is embedded with vehicle classification, other traffic violations, statistic analysis and database check-up.

CORDON-V: Multi-target sensor for stationary or mobile, radar-free, average speed enforcement on roads with at least 2 traffic lanes, in both directions. Ability to upgrade the existing cordon-family systems for average speed measurement.

GROM-1: Smart ANPR Camera that can automatically recognize the number plate of numerous countries in the world using neural network technology. It has automatic vehicle classification, data collection for traffic statistic analysis, smart search, and high resolution video surveillance with real-time streaming.

BINAR: Radar speed gun with integrated video recording. It measures the fastest moving target in both incoming and outgoing direction. Moving mode, through glass window and stationary mode including handheld operation. Automatic or manual with simultaneous videos from both wide-angle and zoom lens. Clear recognition of license plate at distance up to 150 meter and high sensitivity to low light condition.

LIRA: Unique LIDAR proving complete cycle of detecting and processing traffic violation in one single device. Onboard real-time neural network ANPR to recognize all vehicle number plate in camera view. Remote control with common Android mobile device and wireless printout of offence notice and/or violation ticket at the site of violation.

Key advantages of Simicon traffic enforcement products:
  • All-in-one solutions: Speed measurement, red-light infringement, license plate recognition and detecting the violations, statistic collection and analysis are performed on the products itself without additional cameras, external or remote computing devices.
  • Advanced Design Approach, by using sufficient resolution for precise license plate recognition and advanced license plate recognition technique, we do not require super-industrial computer, high capacity data storage, high bandwidth internal data bus, powerful power supply unit, high-speed transmission channel to run our system.
  • User-oriented: speed measurement accuracy, ANPR recognition probability, recognition error probability, low power consumption, reasonable data size, various data transmission channel (3G,4G, wifi)
  • Lightweight and compact single-unit design provides easy handling, installation, protection against vandalism and rapid re-establishing the speed control station in different station.
  • Extremely low power consumption, typical not more than 60W per entire system with all working heaters so it can use various source of power supply (solar panel)
  • All-weather outdoor operation, protection against dust and humidity in conformance with IP 65 standard
  • Strong polycarbonate housing providing physical protection in conformance to IK08 standard.
If you have any question or interest on speed or traffic enforcement system, please kindly feel free to contact us at We are actively seeking for our partners in South East Asia for a safer and better traffic environment.

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