Cordon-Pro-M (Speed Enforcement System)

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Cordon-Pro-M (Speed Enforcement System)  SIMICON  Traffic Enforcement

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Cordon.Pro_v.5.pdf (614.37 KB)
Automatic speed enforcement system (2-6 lanes) (Unique)

- Stationary Installation/ Portable/ Mobile on Patrol Car
- High Resolution: 8MP
- Detector range: 2-300km/h, Accuracy: +- 1km/h 
- Instant speed measurement and average speed measurement between sensors
- Embedded license plate recognition of varous countries
- Automatic vehicles classification based on the size and shape of vechiles
- Search for unwanted vechiles
- Provide traffic statistics
- High accuracy, low power consumption, fully-integrated unit with light weight 
- Allows for 4G Wifi LTE transmission besides Ethernet, Optical 

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